Emergency hull inspections, nighttime inspections, and marina checks are easily completed with remotely operated vehicles (ROV). 

Boat, yacht or vessel owners now have a way to monitor the status of their hull without needing to dry dock it or send divers into unknown areas. 

This in turn gives them the opportunity to address any potential issues at the outset, avoiding higher repair costs and further damage to one’s hull. If an ROV boat inspection reveals any damage, you will know exactly where to send your repair team.


Why use us for your hull inspection:

  • Save time: Our expert technicians can inspect your hull easily and efficiently without you needing to dry dock.
  • Thorough inspections: Our ROVs are can be easily navigated to inspect tight and hard to reach areas of your hull. 
  • Find issues fast: Our inspection service is efficient and effective. Understanding what is happening under your vessel will help you identify issues and address them as soon as possible.